Alternate World

Alternate World

The History of Mother Earth

This alternate history is of this world is quite different to the real one. For convenience I am naming this world as Mother Earth.. The political affairs, wars and few other things may have some similarity with the real world. This world is mostly dominated by five power blocks namely Hindustan Sangha, Commonwealth, Soviet Nations, African Union and BAP-Latino . Click on the map above to see this alternate world.


  • Climate

  • Environment
  • Humans
  • Science
  • Religions
  • Conflicts
  • Politics
  • Future


  • The climate of Mother Earth is comparatively cooler than the real one. The temperature ranges from a minimum of negative 90°C to a maximum of 32°C. The increase in temperature is been estimated as 0.01°C for approximately every 68 years. The ozone layer is much denser than the real world and because of this almost all of the harmful radiations from the sun including the UV rays are absorbed by the ozone layer. The much lesser green house effect also helped to maintain a constant climatic condition on Mother Earth.


The racial difference in Mother Earth is very less compared to the real world. The racial differences can be identified with a combination of eye and hair color. The skin tone of Mother Earth human beings is not as diverse as in the real world. In fact the difference in the skin tone is very hard to differentiate from one race to other. This is due to the lesser intense radiation from the sun due to various reasons mentioned in climate section. The major human races of Mother Earth are listed below.


Visible features

Black color haired races.


Black hair & Amber eyes.


Black hair & Blue eyes.


Black hair & Brown eyes.

South East Asians

Black hair & Gray eyes.


Black hair & Green eyes.


Black hair & Hazel eyes.

Brown color haired races.

Native South Africans

Brown hair & Amber eyes.


Brown hair & Blue eyes.

Central Africans

Brown hair & Brown eyes.

Native West Africans

Brown hair & Gray eyes.

East Africans

Brown hair & Green eyes.


Brown hair & Hazel eyes.

Auburn color haired races.


Auburn hair & Amber eyes.


Auburn hair & Blue eyes.

Native Oceanians

Auburn hair & Brown eyes.

Native South East Asians

Auburn hair & Gray eyes.


Auburn hair & Green eyes.


Auburn hair & Hazel eyes.

Red color haired races.

Eastern Europeans

Red hair & Amber eyes.


Red hair & Blue eyes.

Central Asians

Red hair & Brown eyes.


Red hair & Gray eyes.


Red hair & Green eyes.


Red hair & Hazel eyes.

Blonde color haired races.

Central Europeans

Blonde hair & Amber eyes.

West Europeans

Blonde hair & Blue eyes.


Blonde hair & Brown eyes.


Blonde hair & Gray eyes.


Blonde hair & Green eyes.


Blonde hair & Hazel eyes.

Gray color haired races.

Native North Americans

Gray hair & Amber eyes.


Gray hair & Blue eyes.

South Americans

Gray hair & Brown eyes.


Gray hair & Gray eyes.

Native Kailashas

Gray hair & Green eyes.


Gray hair & Hazel eyes.

Countries: The countries in the continent of Asia are as listed below.

  1. Rossiya
  2. Uzbekistan
  3. Yisrael
  4. Persia
  5. Arabia
  6. Bharat
  7. Tibet
  8. China
  9. Korea
  10. Nippon
  11. Vietnam
  12. Kambuja
  13. Brahmaloka

The countries in the continent of Europa are as listed below.

  1. Espana
  2. Francoise
  3. Britain
  4. Scandinavia
  5. Deutschland
  6. Italia
  7. Polska
  8. Osterreich
  9. Srbija
  10. Greece
  11. Belaros
  12. Ukrayina
  13. Bulgaria
  14. Turikiye

The countries in the continent of Africa are as listed below.

  1. Libiya
  2. Egipth
  3. United Rhodesia
  4. Algeria
  5. Sudan
  6. Kenya
  7. Congo
  8. Zimbabwe
  9. Angola
  10. Dwaraka

The countries in the continent of North America are as listed below.

  1. Island
  2. Canada
  3. United America
  4. Mexico

The countries in the continent of North America are as listed below.

  1. Kailasha
  2. Peru
  3. Brasil
  4. Argentine

The countries in the continent of Samudra/Oceana are as listed below.

  1. Kosala
  2. Nayadesha

The iced continent of Antarta does not have any countries, but have regions colonized by Hindustan Sangha, Commonwealth, Roosiya, China and Brasil.

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